Bernhard Gruber - Living in the forest garden with its perma-veggies

Bernhard Gruber
Volume: Vol. 4
Live Date & Time: EET
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About the lecture

We have a more than 30 years old forest garden close to the Austrian Alps in a big biodiversity. In addition to old European cultivated fruit varieties, there are also exotic species such as Papau (Asimina triloba) and Chinese vegetable tree (Toona sinensis), but also numerous wild herbs. Our main focus is on biodiversity, preservation of old cultivars, perennial cereals and perennial, alternative protein sources, processing of raw materials, educational work, exchange and training, as well as international cooperation.

As an Intro I would like to show a short movie from our Forest Garden, then we can go an my presentation and FAQ.

About Bernhard Gruber

I studied food technologies, technical design and advertisement. I did my Permaculture-Design course in the year 2005. Some years ago I inherited the farm of my ancestors with the Forest Garden started by my Father in the late 1980s. Now we are living here on the land, four generations together. I am also a cofounder of Austrian forest garden-Institute and currently the President of it.

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