Catherine Dolleris - Setting up a LAND center

Volume: Vol. 1

Catherine desribes her lecture like this:

LAND stands for Learning, Activities, Network and Demonstration of permaculture and the LAND centres are accredited places where people live and demonstrate the permaculture way. Learn about LAND, how to become a LAND centre and what the LAND network is in this presentation. I will also take you through the roles and responsibilities to make the LAND network thrive, so you can take an active part in it.

Who is Catherine?

Cathrine Dolleris is dedicated to regenerating essential life supporting functions in nature and in society. She started the LAND network in Denmark and has encouraged the LAND network to be established in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. She is a permaculture diploma tutor, PDC teacher and tutor trainer and part of the board of Permaculture Denmark.