Digital Permaculture talk

Digital Permaculture talk
Volume: Vol. 4
Live Date & Time: EET
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About the lecture

Aimee Fenech, Leo Bakx, Douglas Locklin and Dominik Jais will explore how permaculture can be used in the digital world.

Abouth the panelists

Aimee is a co-founder of Eco Hacker Farm, she has been involved in permaculture for the last 15 years and is a permaculture teacher and student. She is a self-taught programmer, open source activist and very active in the hacker and international permaculture colab within the digital circle and the funding circle.

Leo is a permaculture elder since the Leeds EPT meeting. He is a pedagogue rather then a teacher or trainer. He is now working (retired, of course) with a growing floating community of international students and alumni of the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) in The Netherlands. 

Douglas is an ecosystems designer keen to apply principles of digital permaculture to social enterprises. He lives and gardens with his wife, Jenni, and dog, Nala in a 110 year old schoolhouse in Southwest Finland.

Dominik is spearheading the European Permaculture Network. With his diploma in applied permaculture design he changed the permaculture landscape in Finland. He is innovating on the topic of "Digital Permaculture". 

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