Kathy Otto - Using Permaculture tools to design inner and invisible landscapes

Kathy Otto
Volume: Vol. 4
Live Date & Time: EET
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About the lecture

When designing projects and spaces paying attention to the human layers and components of the system is fundamental and also very delicate. There are a variety of factors to keep in mind: from individual to collective to social, from emotional to mental to physical, from obligations to desires to needs... Designing in accordance with the invisible and inner landscapes of a project requires as much skill and knowledge as the physical aspects, if not more.

The lecture will touch on fundamental areas to pay attention to during a design process, as well as introduce some tools, methods and processes that are useful when designing with the human landscapes in mind.

About Kathy Otto

Kathy Otto is a teacher, facilitator, livelong activist, mother, friend, migrant and many other things. She was born in Germany, but has been living in Spain for over 15 years, currently in Gran Canaria. Formally she has studied cultural & social sciences, and informally a variety of disciplines like alternative pedagogics, nonviolence and social theatre. Currently she is doing the permaculture diploma with ACAPI in Spain. Her main working experience is in teaching, first children and teenagers, now adults. She works facilitating, teaching and consulting about project design from a regenerative perspective.

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