Linda Blättler - Permaculture as social ecological system in science

Linda Blättler
Volume: Vol. 4
Live Date & Time: EET
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About the lecture

An overview of how permaculture is represented in science, what types of research has been done and what are the results?

About Linda Blättler

I have been around permaculture since 2009, volunteered in Spain and Ireland for more than a year around 2011 to find out how permaculture can look like in different settings - and mainly, if it really works.

(In 2009 I finished my permaculture designers course which was for me in that time rather theoretical - in the Czech republic there were not so many old farms to see it work fully). I grew my own vegetables and cared for permagarden in many different places from 2013 through 2019. In 2019 I got my own property and garden in the Czech countryside and have been practicing there since then while working and studying.

In 2017 I enrolled in a PhD study at the Charles University in Prague with the topic Ecosystem services provided by permaculture. This study brought me to researching how well does actually permaculture mimic nature? How are the ecosystems that originate in permaculture gardens? This research led me not only to the results but also diving into researches that have already been done in the area of permaculture. Since there is a lot of practice, a lot of sharing, a lot of enthusiasm, it is also interesting to look at some evidence about how well is actually permaculture research and what the possible burdens are.

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