Stephen Barstow - In 80 plants around the world

Volume: Vol. 3

Thu 02.03. at 18.30

Stephen Barstow is the author of the book „Around the World in 80 Plants: An Edible Perennial Vegetable Adventure for Temperate Climates.

He has devoted thirty years to trialing perennial vegetables from around the world. It is unlikely that anyone anywhere has tried as many different species of edible plants - just witness his salad comprising 538 varieties in 2003 - earning him the title of 'Extreme Salad Man'! Stephen's garden in Norway has over 2,000 edible plants, and each has an ethnobotanical story to tell. 

During his PermaPuheet he will be talking about the World and Chicago Gardens, KVANN and Biodiversity in his 40 year old forest garden!

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