Aline VaMo - Water in all of the permaculture zones

Aline VaMo
Volume: Vol. 4
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About the lecture

A tour through all the permaculture zones, from 5 to 0, observing water patterns in nature, to then implement them in our homes.

About Aline VaMo

Flemish born but residing in Spain since 1999, where she arrived as a Chinese Philologies' student working a summer job as an entertainer, and then ended up staying for love. A little over a decade later (in 2011) she finds herself taking the Ecological Dimension of a Gaia EDE course on Mallorca, where she learns about whole systems design, bioconstruction, and... permaculture.

A Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in October 2011, a volunteer’s position on the WorldView dimension of the Gaia EDE course in November 2011, and the co-founding of the association PermaMed (Permacultura Mediterránea) in December 2011 were next.

After having received training by tremendously inspiring people such as Julio Cantos, Rosemary Morrow, May East, Robin Clayfield, Darren Doherty, Robina McCurdy, Ana Digón, Stella Strega and others, especially in the fields of Education for Sustainable Development, Community Collaboration, Group Facilitation as well as Regenerative Agriculture, Tourism and Enterprises, she is now a full time Permaculture Facilitator and Diploma Tutor and runs a Permaculture Consulting and Design Studio with her partner in Catalunya, "La Casa Integral", specializing in Water Design.

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