Dan McTiernan - Transpersonal psychology and permaculture

Volume: Vol. 2

Becoming Earthbound - Our Undivided Nature - A presentation,
experiential practice and discussion.

What if all the crises we see in the world were a result of the level of
consciousness from which human beings currently operate? One that makes
us feel separate, different, defensive and fearful. Quantum physics,
ancient spiritual traditions, systems theory and permaculture all tell a
different story; that we are completely interconnected on every level of
our being and that with practice we can start to experience that living
wholeness and oneness as a day to day reality. How might that change of
consciousness change the way we relate to each other and all of life?
How might life be like to shift from a permaculture perspective of
"working with nature" to one of "we are nature working"? Dan will
explore this shift, its implications for permaculture and for culture at
large, and will guide us through a short experiential practice followed
by sharing discussion.
The session will be in English.

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