Sandor Ellix Katz - The Art of Fermentation

Volume: Vol. 1

The lecture/Q & A evening is in English. First there will be a short intro to the wonderous world of fermentation, and after that a Q & A part - so prepare your questions in advance! Ask anything about fermentation!

About the teacher:

Based in Tennessee, USA, fermentation revivalist Sandor Ellix Katz is the author of multiple books on fermentation including Fermentation as Metaphor (2020), The Art of Fermentation (2012) and Wild Fermentation (2003)

Katz has taught workshops in universities and farms around the world, demystifying fermentation and empowering people to reclaim this transformational process in their kitchens.

Sandor describes himself: (from his website

My name is Sandor Ellix Katz, and I am a fermentation revivalist.

My interest in fermentation grew out of my overlapping interests in cooking, nutrition and gardening. It started with sauerkraut. I found an old crock buried in our barn, harvested cabbage from our garden, chopped it up, salted it, and waited. That first kraut tasted so alive and powerfully nutritious! Its sharp flavor sent my salivary glands into a frenzy and got me hooked on fermentation. I have made sauerkraut ever since, earning the nickname Sandorkraut, even as my repertoire has expanded. I have explored and experimented widely in the realm of fermentation, and my mission (...) is to share information and resources, in order to encourage home fermentation experimentalists and propel more live-culture foods out into our culture.