Aranya - Deep Permaculture

About the lecture

Aranya will talk about his new book "Deep Permaculture - Revealing the Patterns and Systems Thinking Behind Ecological Design". 

Overview from the book: 

Our human curiosity has brought us much knowledge and many gifts, yet at the same time has led us to a place of great vulnerability; peak oil and climate change now threaten our survival and that of many other species. Thankfully, permaculture has a lot to offer us in addressing these critical problems. It’s a systems approach that reframes life’s secrets of success as a collection of guiding principles, helping us to meet our needs in ways more in harmony with life’s processes.

One of the strengths of permaculture is that anyone can learn it, and apply its ideas and principles in their own lives. As a grassroots movement it has the potential to inform and inspire millions across the world and yet this can also be its Achilles heel. Taught well, permaculture becomes a powerful tool for change, but the necessary simplification of its principles for beginners can lead to important concepts being overlooked. This can sometimes lead to isolated projects that don’t function well, resulting in permaculture getting a bad name.

Deep Permaculture seeks to address this by shining a light on aspects that can get overlooked by beginners, while also providing fresh layers of understanding for more experienced designers. While my first book, Permaculture Design – a Step by Step Guide, laid out a process for getting from where we are now to a more resilient and sustainable future, my second explores some of these topics in considerably more depth.