PermaPuheet Volume 4

PermaPuheet / PermaTalks are back! The amazing fourth season of this permaculture-themed online lecture & discussion series has started in January and is ongoing as we speak.

Read more about the lectures and talks below. 

Practical info

  • Sessions are on Thursdays, at 18.30 o'clock (EET/Finland) (exception: Brenna Quinlan 11.00 o'clock), starting on the 18th of January 2024.
  • The sessions will start with a lecture on the topic, usually between 30 to 45 minutes. A few sessions are more podcast-style.
  • Most of the lectures will have a Q&A, where participants can ask the teacher questions.
  • After the Q&A there can be an open space for discussing about and deepening the topic among the participants.
  • The sessions will also be recorded so you can watch them later, too. The recordings will be available around one week after each session. So do sign up even after the series has started - you get all the lecture recordings no matter when you sign up!
PermaPuheet Volume 4 teachers and lectures
Digital Permaculture talk
Aimee Fenech, Leo Bakx, Douglas Locklin and Dominik Jais will explore how permaculture can be used in the digital world.
Katie Shepherd

Accessing permaculture -  positives, challenges and suggestions for a more inclusive permaculture. 

Linda Blättler
An overview of how permaculture is represented in science, what types of research has been done and what are the results?
Kathy Otto
The lecture will touch on fundamental areas to pay attention to during a design process, as well as introduce some tools, methods and processes that are useful when designing with the human landscapes in mind.
Bernhard Gruber
We have a more than 30 years old Forest Garden close to the Austrian Alps in a big biodiversity. In addition to old European cultivated fruit varieties, there are also exotic species such as Papau (Asimina triloba) and Chinese vegetable tree (Toona sinensis), but also numerous wild herbs.
Aline VaMo
A tour through all the permaculture zones, from 5 to 0, observing water patterns in nature, to then implement them in our homes.
Aranya will introduce some of the content from his forthcoming book 'Deep Permaculture - Revealing the Patterns and Systems Thinking Behind Ecological Design'
Brenna Quinlan

Podcast style interview with Australian Permaculture Designer Brenna Quinlan.

ATTENTION: This is a live interview. Between Australia and Finland are 6 hours time difference. The interview will start at 11:00 EET. 


Introduction to the Finnish Nature Conservation Society by Sami Säynevirta. His colleague Francisco Sanchez will talk about large carnivores and the importance of them in ecosystems.