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PermaPuheet (from Permanent Puheet (fin) - Permanent Talks) is a lecture series based on Dominik Jais' diploma design "Permapuheet," which explores the concept of steadiness in people's lives as it relates to television and streaming. Traditional television provided a sense of steadiness and routine in people's lives, while the non-linear nature of streaming has disrupted this sense of steadiness.

The lectures are usually held every Thursdays at 18:30 and from February to April. Focus is of course on permaculture, which is a holistic approach to designing and managing ecosystems that seeks to mimic the patterns and relationships found in natural systems.

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Permapuheet vol.3 is going to start in February 2023. So far the confirmed lectures:

  • Johdatus permakulttuuriin - Lumia Huhdanpää - (fin) - 16.02
  • In 80 plants around the world - Stephen Barstow - (eng) - 02.03
  • Urban edible landscapes - Philipp Weiss - (eng) - Tuesday 07.03
  • Viinirypäleiden viljely Suomessa - Helena Tiililä - (fin) - 16.03
  • KVT ja kansainvälinen vapaaehtoistyö - Laura Kärppä - (fin) - 23.03
  • Permayouth - Morag Gamble - 29.02 - 11 am!
  • Sociocracy in Associations - Kåre Wangel - (eng) - 30.03
  • Permaculture Design Toolbox - Cathrine Dolleris - (eng) - 06.04
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) & Permaculture - Jon Dunn - (eng) - 13.04

Permapuheet vol.3 will be exclusively available for the members of the Finnish Permaculture Association.

Permapuheet vol. 3 is brought to you by:

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PermaPuheet started in 2021 in cooperation with the Finnish Permaculture Association RY, especially their communications circle. 

In 2023 PermaPuheet became a cooperation between Vihreä Pourusmäki RY and Suomen Permakulttuuriyhdistys RY.