Welcome to the PermaPuheet

PermaPuheet (from Permanent Puheet (fin) - Permanent Talks - PermaTalks) is a permaculture lecture series based on Dominik Jais' diploma design "Permapuheet," which explores the concept of steadiness in people's lives as it relates to television and streaming. Traditional television provided a sense of steadiness and routine in people's lives, while the non-linear nature of streaming has disrupted this sense of steadiness.

The lectures are usually held every Thursdays at 18:30 and from February to April. Focus is of course on permaculture, which is a holistic approach to designing and managing ecosystems that seeks to mimic the patterns and relationships found in natural systems.


PermaPuheet Logo

Season 5 is planned for winter/spring of 2025.


PermaPuheet History

PermaPuheet started in 2021 in cooperation with the Finnish Permaculture Association RY, especially their communications circle. 

In 2023 PermaPuheet was a cooperation between Vihreä Pourusmäki RY and Suomen Permakulttuuriyhdistys RY.

The 2024 PermaPuheet is a cooperation between Vihreä Pourusmäki RY and the European Permaculture Network.